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11 Sep 2019


Wine Chiller Stick

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Perfect for summer Great gift Reusable Non-toxic BPA free
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There is nothing better than kicking back with a nice chilled glass of wine after a long hard day at work. Chilled wine is great on a hot day but ice blocks can dilute the taste and flavour of the wine. To avoid diluting your wine, why not try the Wine Chiller? 

When leaving your wine bottle in the ice bucket it can often get too cold, but the Wine Chiller gets the wine to that perfect lip-smacking temperature.

How to use the Wine Chiller:

  • Freeze the Wine Chiller
  • Uncork your wine, and if need be, make room in the bottle with a small taster, for the Wine Chiller.
  • Insert the Wine Chiller into the wine bottle and leave it to chill for 15 mins to an hour.
  • To refill your wine glass, simply pull the Wine Chiller 75% out of the bottle, and tilt the bottle over to fill that friendly wine glass.

The Wine Chiller is going to be your dream come true as it is reusable, non-toxic and BPA Free, but most of all, it chills down that oh-so-necessary wine at the end of the day!

Product Features
  • Keeps wine chilled at the perfect drinking temperature
  • Store in the freezer and pop it in a bottle once opened and it will chill the wine or bubbly from inside the bottle
  • Simply rinse after use, pop back into the freezer and use it again and again when needed
  • Perfect for hot summer days!
“Great items on offer, and excellent customer support!” Colin, Benoni