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Toothcare Bundle (Soft Whitening Toothbrush, Biocare Fluoride-Free Toothpaste & Extreme Mouthspray)


Retail: R560

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SWISSDENT Profi Whitening Toothbrush: protects the gums against recession, Precision cleaning of teeth, Special dual fibre bristles optimise the whitening effect. Soft Nylon bristles 0.15 mm with whitening microparticles

SWISSDENT Biocare Toothpaste: has been developed with an innovative, active ingredient combination (biomineralisation) that strengthens the tooth surface and protects against sensitivity - for strong, healthy teeth that ward off new discolourations. Active ingredients deposit in the smallest cracks and thus protect tooth enamel. Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) contribute to gingival regeneration and support cell renewal. Plant extracts inhibit plaque formation and improve gingival health.

SWISSDENT Extreme Mouthspray: ensures instant fresh breath after smoking, alcohol or food. Thanks to patented Oxygard® technology, it whitens the teeth gently. It also helps fight the bacteria associated with bad breath.

Product Features

SWISSDENT Profi Whitening Toothbrush:

  • Red Dot Award for Best Design 2010
  • Toothbrushes to be replaced when bristles become out of shape
  • Swiss patent
  • Small toothbrush head to reach even the most awkward areas
  • Concave bristle field (spoon shape) adapts perfectly to the convex contours of the front teeth helping to control the bristles especially in the anterior region
  • Handle was inspired by the shape of dental instruments for precision handling

SWISSDENT Biocare Toothpaste

  • The combination of hydroxy apatite, L-arginine, L-carnitine and Elephantopus mollis extract strengthens the tooth surface, protects against sensitivity and prevents new discolorations.
  • Plant extracts inhibit plaque formation and improve gingival health.
  • The natural enzyme papain helps remove discolorations.
  • Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), hyaluronic acid and gotu kola extract regenerate and protect the gingiva.
  • Also suitable for children 4 years of age and older
  • Low abrasion, RDA 38
  • SLS-free (sodium lauryl sulphate is a cleansing agent that can cause aphthae and dries the oral mucosa)
  • No fluoride
  • Without: gluten, lactose, triclosan, artificial flavourings, PEG-derivates, parabens
  • Vegan
  • No animal testing

Recommended use

BIOCARE toothpaste is suitable for daily tooth care. For optimal results, the toothpaste should merely be spit out but not rinsed with water at night. BIOCARE is therefore able to act while you sleep. Also suitable for children 4 years of age and older.

SWISSDENT Extreme Mouthspray: 

  • Can be used in case of bad breath or as an accelerator for Extreme / Gentle whitening toothpaste. Spray the toothpaste before brushing. 2-3 applications are enough
  • We recommend moderate use in case of sensitive teeth
  • Neutralises odours caused by smoking, alcohol and food
  • Restores the mouth to a healthy pH-level
  • Patented Oxygard® technology: Contains whitening ingredients to brighten teeth, proven in university-led dental research studies
  • Accelerates the whitening effect of SWISSDENT EXTREME /GENTLE toothpaste
  • Fits neatly into handbag or pocket for on-the-go freshness
  • Fluoride-free
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