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21 Apr 2017


The Wallet With a Trick Up Its Sleeve (As seen on Kickstarter)

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Just pull and pay Vibrant experience Cutting edge details Thin yet durable Super stylish and compact
There was a man who was lost at sea for 133 days

He survived, and the way in which he did it is truly remarkable.

We know this because we stumbled across the story in a four hour YouTube-athon, an epic viewing sesh that we embarked upon and came out of because of this very write up.

We'll explain. Every so often we're tasked with writing about products we've featured before and because we've only got one really great blurb in us, the second time around is always difficult. So we fall back on what we do best: procrastination.

In this case, Poon Lim's survival tale inspired us. If a man can survive over four months alone at sea, we can come up with new ways to blurb about old products.

Even if that means just talking you through our thought process and hoping you'll buy something anyway.


DAX - The wallet with a trick up its sleeve.

DAX is the first cascading pull-tab wallet in the world. With a simple pull, watch as your cards cascade neatly in front of you. DAX makes accessing cards not just easy but also enjoyable.

Product Features
  • Just pull and pay: With the easy to use pull-tab wallet
  • Vibrant experience: To add a touch of magic, DAX underscores the cascading gesture with a splash of vibrant colours. DAX is not just about functionality, but is also about the aesthetic experience!
  • Cutting edge details: Combining laser cutting techniques with advanced fabrics allows us to leave the edges bare yet clean, creating a crisp and modern aesthetic, unlike any other wallet.
  • Thin yet durable: DAX is constructed from a special high-performance fabric originally fabricated for industrial use. It is extremely durable and water repellent. Most importantly, it looks great and feels amazing in the hand. 
  • Super stylish and compact: Perfect for the on-the-go individual.
  • Water repellent fabric: Protects your cards from water.

For more info check out the DAX wallet on Kickstarter

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