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16 May 2019

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol

The Great Snow Rescue Arctic Terrain Vehicle

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Have Fun! Save the Polar Bear Play for hours
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We've done this a few times and it always seems to go over well. Why wouldn't it? You're getting some serious bang for your buck (as the saying goes), and we're using the profits to stock our offices with fancy coffee.

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It does leave us horribly short on the word count for this here write up, though. Explaining how a 50% discount works doesn't exactly require your undivided attention.

So instead we'll hit you with this little-known fact: Movie trailers are called "trailers" because they used to be shown at the end of the movies, not before. Eventually common sense prevailed, but the name stuck.



It's your mission to help Marshall rescue the Baby Polar Bear with the Arctic Terrain Vehicle, with attachable ski mount and a real working cranePress the Paw Badge button on the dashboard to activate real vehicle lights and soundsCollect all of the Paw Patrol figures and vehicles each sold separately for even more rescue missions.tHE Arctic Terrain 

Create adventures with Marshall on the Great Snow Rescue with the new Arctic Terrain Vehicle with authentic lights and sounds. This vehicle is an exclusive item Help Marshall and his penguin friend on their arctic mission.

Baby Polar Bear is in trouble and he needs your help Place the Marshall and penguin figures into the Arctic Terrain Vehicle, attach the skis to the front wheel mount, and get ready to roll through the snow. You've found the Baby Polar Bear Load him into the animal carrier and use the real working crane to pull him up to safety. Activate authentic lights and sounds with a push of the Paw Badge and head back to base. Race to the Great Snow Rescue with the Paw Patrol Arctic Terrain Vehicle.

Product Features
  • The vehicle is for ages 3+
  • Have fun
  • Authentic lights and sounds
  • Play for hours
  • Help Marshal and his Penguin save the baby polar bear
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