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15 Mar 2019


Smart Video Intercom Kit with Automated Gate Relay

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Remote doorbell Connects using Wifi Real time video feed Two way audio Connect with free mobile app Compatible with Android and iPhone

Friday: our second favourite F word.

Our first favourite is "free", for the dirty-minded among you who thought it might be another four-letter word.

And today is the answer to the question we've asked ourselves 1000 times: what would happen if we found a way to combine the two?

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Have you ever wanted to see who is at the gate or the door when your intercom rings without you being home? Now you can see who is at the door and open the door remotely with the Wi-bell. 

How it works:

A visitor arrives at your door or gate and presses the bell. The amazing Wi-Bell Smart Video Intercom communicates through Wi-Fi, using an App on your smart device. It allows you to communicate as well and interact via your smartphone to the person who is ringing your doorbell! You can access the App via your smartphone. This is simply life changing in our busy schedules. We are knowledgeable about our industry and strive to assist our Clients in the most professional manner. We are trustworthy and are friendly and approachable. We would love to help transform your world using this unique intercom system.

Product Features

Smart Intercom Kit

  • Wifi: using your wifi at home, the device connects seamlessly to allow for video calling
  • Wide Angle 720P camera
  • Real-time video: online and ready for you to view even if the bell is not pressed.
  • 2-way talkback: onboard microphone have clear two-way voice communication with your visitor
  • Audio: noise reduction speaker enables clear sound
  • Motion detection: with the motion sensor the device will trigger an alert directly to your smartphone
  • Snapshot: Take a snapshot directly from your smartphone
  • Record: record video onto your smartphone through the free app
  • Playback: playback video from locally stored recordings and snapshot on your smartphone

Data Relay

  • Opens your automated gate via an app on your iPhone using wifi
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone
Product Specifications
  • 720p resolution: clear image HD quality 130-degree viewing angle
  • H.264 compression: fluid video feed with h.264 compression for best streaming available for the smartphone app
  • Onboard storage: micro sd storage allows you to store all the goings on for replay at a later stage
  • Smartphone mobile app: free app available on ios and android
“4.2 stars” Google reviews rating