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13 Jun 2019

Silk'N Flash And Go

LUXX Permanent Hair Remover

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Light-Based Permanent Hair Removal For Face & Body Properly Target & Zone Any Area Includes 2 Cartridges
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The Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx, has been upgraded! With some brand new features, like a Quartz bulb and a lifetime lamp. This means that you no longer need to replace the lamp.

The Silk'n Flash & Go Luxx truly is the optimal solution when it comes to hair removal for all body areas. 

Why you will love it:

  • Makes use of Home Pulsed Light (HPL) Technology which has been clinically proven to permanently reduce hair.
  • This product is skin colour sensitive to ensure superior safety.
  • It is suitable for both men and women.
  • Can be used on all areas of the body, including the face.

Hair growth changes when hormones change, so changing your birth control tablets, or hormone replacements can make a change in your hair growth.
Additionally, pregnancy and menopause may also cause your hair to return, however, your hair will most likely be far thinner and patchy when it returns. It won't return as thick as it was before your IPL treatments. Therefore, you may have to do a few maintenance sessions to get your permanent hair removal back to the way it was.

Silk'n Flash&Go is not as effective on dark skin complexion or recently tanned skin

Product Features:
  • Replaceable lamp cartridge for multiple users.
  • Large treatment surface of 4cm².
  • Five different energy levels for you to adjust.

HPL Technology

Light Based Hair Removal

The process of laser and light-based hair removal is well known and established. It has been proven in clinical use around the world for over 15 years as a safe and effective way to achieve permanent hair removal.
Light-based hair removal is based on the theory of selective photothermolysis in which optical energy is used to disable hair growth. In order to achieve such thermal effect, the hair shaft needs to selectively absorb light energy and transform it into heat. This selectivity is achieved when high optical energy that is delivered to the tissue is mostly absorbed by hair shaft pigment, while the epidermis and the surrounding tissue is actively cooled (by a cooling mechanism). Melanin is the pigment in the hair shaft that is responsible for the absorption of the light, which generates the heat that eventually disables hair growth. When hair growth is disabled, permanent hair removal is achieved.

Home Pulsed Light™ (HPL)

Silk'n Flash&Go is a personal combined-energy based device for long-term hair removal. The Silk'n Flash&Go is based on Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology which is a proprietary and patented technology of Home Skinovations Ltd. Epilation with Home Skinovations' proprietary HPL technology is enhanced by a unique acoustic effect that improves the normal process of photoepilation, enabling permanent epilation with low level of optical energy without the need to cool the skin.

“A big BIG thank you! Keep up the good work!!! You guys ROCK!!!!” Rolanda, Joburg