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03 Dec 2019


Remote Controlled LED Projector Themed Waterproof Light

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Remote controlled LED Projector Waterproof Great for festive season!
Dreams are weird

They're like your brain's way of saying: you know what the world really needs? Nonsensical story lines that nobody questions and flying cars.

And even though we know they're absolutely bonkers and possess zero relevance whatsoever, we waste no time telling people all about them.

Nobody wants to hear it. You end up sounding like a toddler trying to explain the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

The only dream worth talking about is Martin Luther's. Fact.

Anyhoo, we had a dream we sold out by noon today and spent the rest of our time hanging out with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Home Affairs. Crazy, huh?


Let the EcoBright Glow Bright LED laser lights add to the festivities. Create magical looking patterns and images with this fun light when you host parties or simply enjoy the images displayed across your walls whenever you are looking for some entertainment. There is no need for ladders. To make matters even better there is no clutter, making it absolutely perfect for parties.

The festive lights collection has 6 slides to choose from (each has 4 images) and you can select still or motion setting with a quick push of a button. Put in a changeable disc depending on the occasion you celebrate:

  • CHRISTMAS – colorful images show Santa Claus, snowmen, sleighs and Christmas tree
  • CELEBRATION – colorful images show fireworks, balloons, rockets...
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR – colorful images show fireworks, champagne bottle, words HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  • HALLOWEEN – colorful images show scary witches, pumpkins, bats...
  • WINTER – colorful images show beautiful snowflakes of different sizes and colors
  • SUMMER – colorful images show cheerful summer props, palm trees, sea...

Select the disk and insert it into the projector, turn it on on the remote control and select:

  • "STILL" MODE - the images are static
  • "MOTION" MODE - the images alternate and move
Product Features:
  • Different festive themes to choose from.
  • Animated settings.
  • Integrated Timer.
  • 6 themes to choose from
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Weatherproof housing.
  • Programmable with remote control.
  • Up to 15 metres of projection distance
  • Adapter Voltage 220 - 240V
  • Input Voltage 12V 0.5A 6W
What's in the Box:
  • Weather resistant housing.
  • LED projector.
  • Tripod for indoor use and hardscape outdoor environments.
  • 7.5V DC Power supply.
  • 6 discs with four images each.
  • Extra long lawn stake.
  • Remote control.
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