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09 Nov 2018


E270 Twilight LED Table Lamp Book Light

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Has various functions Great for low light conditions Adjustable brightness
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Remax is a modern and high-quality premium brand from Korea. All Remax products combine reliability and durability. The RL-E270 lamp has a display which shows various options. These options include a clock, calendar, and thermometer. Thanks to its compact size and adjustable features, this product is a great everyday solution to your needs. The Remax table lamp is great for when you are working in low light conditions. 

Product Features 
  • Advanced technology, no glare, has soft lighting that protects your eyes and three color temperature lighting,
  • 3-Levels of dimming with a Touch control switch, adjustable brightness, convenient operation; three-dimensional all-round lighting to meet various environmental requirements
  • Folding structure, its small in size and the lamp rotates 180 degrees and the lamp arm swings 90 degrees
  • The lamp displays a Calendar, clock and an alarm function and RGB night light
Product Specifications 
  • Clock: Display LCD screen
  • Input power: DC5V-1.5A
  • Maximum working current:5V 800mA
  • Double color temperature adjustment:
  • cold light color temperature:5500-6000K; warm light color temperature:2800-3300K; nature light:4000-4500K;each light 20-22LM high brightness LED,protect eyes,use lift 35000 hours
  • Lighting way: direct light
  • Power:6W
  • The intensity of illumination: 800LUX
  • Color rendering:>70
  • Working temperature:<50°
  • Power factor:>0.8
  • Press mode: touch
  • Shell material: ABS + hardware
  • Product weight:763.5g/1.68Lb
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