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Bucket List BooksYoung Adult Must-Have Fiction Books (3 Books)

3 Books
3 Books


Retail: R450

The Way Back Home - Allan Stratton

Zoe Bird is going nowhere fast. She`s angry and lonely, and her only true friend is her granny, whose Alzheimer`s is worsening. When her parents put Granny in a home, Zoe decides now is the time to break free. She smuggles Granny out and together they hit the tracks on a cross-country trip to find Zoe`s long-lost uncle. But there will be some home truths along the way. . .

All My Secrets - Sophie McKenzie

The shocking reality behind a GBP10 million inheritance turns Evie Brown`s world on its head. Unable to find out the truth from her parents, Evie ends up on the mysterious island of Lightsea, where her desire for answers leads her towards a series of revelations that threaten everything she holds dear . . . including her life.

The Wren Hunt - Mary Watson

Every winter, Wren Silke is chased through the forest in a warped version of a childhood game. The boys who haunt her are judges, powerful and frightening pursuers, who know nothing of her true identity. If they knew she was an augur, their sworn enemy, the game would turn deadly. But Wren is on the hunt, too. Sent undercover as an intern to the Harkness Foundation - enemy headquarters - her family's survival rests on finding a secret meant to stay hidden. As the enmity between two ancient magics reaches breaking point, Wren is torn between old loyalties and new lies. And trapped in the most dangerous game of her life. Part thriller, part love story, this captivating debut novel will leave readers spellbound.

How to Save a Life - Sara Zarr

Everyone knows how to live, be who they are, find their place. But I'm still waiting. Jill's life lost all meaning when her dad died. Friends, boyfriends, college - nothing matters any more. Then her mother drops a bombshell. She's going to adopt a baby.

Mandy is desperate for her life to change. Seventeen, pregnant and leaving home, she is sure of only one thing - her baby must never have a life like hers, whatever it takes. Heart-achingly beautiful, How to Save a Life is about finding love, truth and your place in the world... all where you least expect it.

Outside - Sarah Anne Juckes

Here`s the thing about being Inside. Ain`t no one believes that they are. Ele is kept captive in a small room by a man known as `Him`. She has never been Outside but she knows it`s there and she`s determined to prove it. When Ele eventually escapes, she is forced to question everything she has ever known. An extraordinary and powerful debut in the style of ROOM by Emma Donoghue.

Night Wanderers - C. J. Flood

"Whenever I heard the word kindred, I thought of me and Ti".

Rosie and Titania are as close as sisters - closer, in fact. While Rosie is shy, red-faced and passive, Ti is big, tough and daring. They shouldn't be friends, but they are.

Creeping out at night, the girls love to secretly wander through their coastal town, exploring empty streets and sharing their frustrations about school and their different, but equally difficult, families. But when Rosie betrays Ti, the two girls run in different directions - making decisions that could do irreparable damage to both of their lives. As Rosie confronts harsh truths, she must find a way back to Ti, and to herself.




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Deal with it!

Look, it's okay to complain from time to time. In fact, sometimes letting off steam can be good for you. Sat in traffic for 45 minutes en route to work? Definitely rant about it to your office bestie when you get there. Eggs Benedict cold when the waiter brings them out? Totally send them back.

Some things, though, are not worth complaining about. That bald patch? Wear a hat and get on with it. Getting a little too cold to wear your favourite mini? It's called winter, babes, deal with it.

Loadshedding? Come on, now. At this STAGE, if you don't have a power station like our deal on this one from Elecstor, that's on you. (And Eskom, obvs, but they're not going to buy one for you.)