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Simple design
Premium quality
Proudly South African

Agarsi Giovanni

Velvet Headboard



Retail: R5,200

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Agarsi Giovanni draws inspiration from international furniture trends and designs. 


The Dolce headboard is one of the best selling and most wish-listed designs in La Collezione Casa Classica. Opulent and unique, the subtle tufts of the Dolce headboard is a statement of style to any bedroom.


This Velvet Headboard is inspired by all the dramatic glamour of Art Deco design. The stair-step, channel-tufted headboard bring instant style to any room. The Danieli Headboard has an utterly classic style and regal demeanour that doesn't sacrifice comfort. Flip through your favourite fashion magazine or read your favourite literary classic while resting against the soft, channel-tufted headboard.


The Rossini headboard is one of the best selling designs in Di Lusso Home Collection. It boasts unique asymmetrical panels that give a striking - Moon design visual which can both enhance and blend in with most bedroom design schemes. Layers of padding provide a comfortable and indulgent recline.

Product Features
  • Proudly South African
  • Premium Craftsmanship
  • Fine Velvet Fabric
  • Designed For Life
  • Solid Frame
  • 10y Warranty
  • Dolce:
    • Latest Design
    • Solid Frame
    • No Tools Assembly
    • Available in: 
      • Queen: 1670x1030x100
      • Double: 1470x1030x100
  • Danieli:
    • International Designs
    • No Tools Assembly
    • Available in: 
      • King: 1920x1000 with legs 1600
      • Queen: 1620x1000 with legs 1600
  • Rossini:
    • Fine Velvet Fabric
    • Wall Mount to the desired height
    • Available in: 
      • Double: 1420x1000
      • King: 1950x1100
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