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Unisex Posture Corrector Spine Support


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Many of us suffer from aching backs, sore necks and headaches due to our bad posture. Well, there is an affordable and comfortable solution for this, the unisex Posture Corrector Spine Support.

Bad posture is not to be taken lightly, as it can cause spine stress, lower back pain, digestion issues and even carpal tunnel syndrome. The main aim of this product is to correct your posture by straightening your spine and supporting your midriff. The Posture Corrector features two straps that adjust and fold around each shoulder. This is done to pull the shoulders back to stop you from slouching. Further, a waist support belt wraps firmly around your midriff to ensure maximum support of the waist and to straighten the spine.

Benefits of the Posture Corrector Spine Support:

  • This product is so comfortable to wear thanks to the soft neoprene padded fabric.
  • All straps are adjustable, allowing you to wear and enjoy the Posture Corrector according to your needs and body shape.
  • The Posture Corrector incorporates small magnets down its centre to ensure that target points in the spine are relieved of pain and strain. This is done with the basis of acupressure in mind.
Product Features:
  • Corrects your posture and restores healthier stature to your body while reducing lower back pain, slouching and hunching.
  • Serves as an excellent aid for individuals with osteoporosis and postural disturbances. 
  • The waist support belt, give a good support to waist, with the integrated design, make you waist and back stay straight.
  • Helps maintain correct standing, sitting and walking posture.
  • Prolonged use can effectively prevent slouching, correction of spinal bending, ease pain and prevent the occurrence of myopia.
  • Prevent deformation of spinal column 
  • Ease human body fatigued 
  • Contribute to growing development
  • Waist measurement of between 63cm and 115cm.
  • Hand wash only.
  • Do not iron, soak, dry clean or tumble dry.
  • Premium quality.
Not Suited for Persons
  • Using pacemakers
  • Using an automatic defribrillator 
  • Using insulin pumps
  • Using drug delivery patches
  • During pregnancy
  • Avoid using over open wounds
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