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Trumped Up CardsThe World's Biggest Deck


Retail: R600

This is a game. Democracy isn't.

A reality TV star in the White House? If you're ready to laugh liberally in the wake of this unpresidented outcome, then grab a copy of what many people are calling the World's Biggest Deck. 

Trumped Up Cards is a satirical card game where reality collides with alternative facts and everyone wins! (Except the haters and the losers.)

Trumped Up Cards is a party game that's so, so easy to play. Every round, players use their White answer cards to respond to a Blue question card. The best response wins the round. Then, the process repeats itself, until the player with the biggest brain and the most strength and stamina wins the game. No recounts allowed!

Product Features
  • A tremendously relevant party game for at least the next four years
  • Trump Cards give players bigly powers to change gameplay in unpresidented ways
  • Beautifully footnoted with real facts, quotes, and stats from the dishonest and disgusting news media
  • Comes in a spectacular golder-than-average box
  • Fun and easy to play
  • 420 white answer cards
  • 90 blue question cards
  • 40 Trump Cards, which give players special and often unfair advantages to alter gameplay in fun, surprising, and dramatic ways
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