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Maurice LeBlancThe Complete Collection of Arsène Lupin (10 Books)

10 Books
10 Books


Retail: R920

Pitted as the Sherlock Holmes of crime, Arsène Lupin is a suave gentleman rogue who is able to change his disguise so artfully that he can fool people almost effortlessly. His elaborate plans and attention to detail add glamour to the masterful thief. This series of short stories, written by Maurice Leblanc in 1907, is a superb introduction to the capers of the fictional Lupin, paving the way for the popular books that bear his name.

Titles in the collection:

  • Gentleman Burglar
  • The Confessions of Arsène Lupin
  • The Crystal Stopper
  • The Eight Strokes Of The Clock
  • The Golden Triangle The Return of Arsène Lupin
  • The Secret of Sarek
  • The Hollow Needle
  • Arsène Lupin VS Herlock Sholmes
  • Arsène Lupin 813
  • The Teeth Of The Tiger
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