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Target punching bag
Cardio workout
Hand eye coordination
Quick and responsive
Free-standing punching bag


Target Free Standing Punching Bag


Retail: R2,500

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Ideal for both boxing and kickboxing, the targets work to improve aim, from a jab to uppercut and hook. To increase durability, a protective cover encases shock-absorbing foam for impact-reduction at every hit. Its flexible centre column and neck centralises the weight distribution allowing it to handle maximum force. The Everlast Target Free Standing Punch Bag helps to build endurance and agility boxing and enhances overall fitness. The high-density plastic fills with water or sand for stability. The numbered targets provide something to aim at and allow you to build a workout routine around them. Ideal for conditioning and toning.

Product Features
  • Targets Help to Improve Aim and Precision 
  • Builds Endurance and Agility
  • Shock-absorbing Foam Protective Layer 
  • Flexible Centre Column Allows for the Maximum Force with Even Impact Dispersion
  • Quick and Responsive Rebounds
  • High-density Base
  • Base Can Be Filled with Water or Sand
  • Provides an All-around Cardio Workout
  • Primarily for Increasing Cardio, Conditioning and Toning
Product Specifications
  • Height: 150cm
  • Colour: Black and Red
  • Material: PVC and EVA

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