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Protect your couch from pets, spills and stains
Perfect for households with kids and pets!

Couch Coat

Stain-Resistant Reversible Cover (1, 2 or 3 Seater)

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More Sizes


Retail: R250

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This deal expired on 2021-03-02.

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Tired of sofa slipcovers that require tucking and tying but want to protect your couch from pets, spills, and stains? Then you need the easy-to-use Couch Coat that protects your furniture from unsightly stains, shedding pets and messy kids.

Just drape it over your couch for everyday use and remove it when company comes or for easy machine washing. It even has arm covers to protect armrests. It is reversible so you can change the look with a simple flip.

Perfect to warm up cold leather couches or give older furniture an instant facelift. Forget expensive reupholstering or buying a new couch.

Product Features
  • Reversible cover in chocolate brown / neutral beige matches any décor
  • Won’t budge once installed until you’re ready to remove it
  • Microfiber polyester material is machine washable
  • Covers high traffic areas and keeps your sofa safe from paws, claws, messy hands, drips and dribbles, dirty shoes, pet hair, and more
  • Perfect for keeping new couches looking new or freshening up old furniture
  • Easy to fold and take with you on vacation or while visiting friends and family
  • Provides excellent back seat coverage while transporting pets or children
  • Flaps cover couch arms
  • Ensure to measure your couch accurately to avoid disappointment
  • One Seater: 58.4cm W seat, 53.3cm L arm, 124.4cm H back
  • Two Seater: Length 120 x 150cm, Arm Flaps 40 x 55cm
  • Three Seater: Length 170 x 150cm, Arm Flaps 50 x 45cm



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