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GardenaSolar-Powered Irrigation AquaBloom Set


Retail: R2,000

Plant care for when you’re not there. With GARDENA AquaBloom your balcony and tub plants are in good hands - all season long. AquaBloom waters and takes care of your plants even in times when you're notaround.

The helpful system requires neither a water tap nor a power supply in your garden or terrace. With just an additional water bucket you’ll be ready to go. The AquaBloom set is a complete ready-to-use irrigation system consisting of a 3-in-1-main unit. It combines a pump to draw water, a control unit to define the irrigation schedule and a solar panel that feeds the included rechargeable batteries.

The 14 pre-defined watering programs let you still be in control of the watering of up to 20 plants with the help of pressure-compensation drippers. Each dripper can cater up to 300 ml. Don’t forget to make use of the very convenient and flexible placement of the AquaBloom. Choose a sunny place for the control unit: hang it on a flowerpot, place it on a table or fix it on a wall. The installation of AquaBloom is simple and tool-free!

Get rid of time-consuming irrigation tasks and enjoy your balcony and terrace with beautiful and well-cared plants and flowers all season long – no matter how long you are on holiday or on business trips.

Product Features
  • Solar-powered irrigation set for watering up to 20 plants
  • Ready to use - ideal for balconies and terraces
  • 14 pre-defined settings
  • Integrated electronic pump draws water in and distributes to the plants
  • Includes Manual watering function
  • 5 years warranty
Product Specifications
  • Use: For up to 20 plants
  • Energy supply: Solar panel which powers 3 rechargeable batteries
  • Packaged dimensions: 39.5 x 28 x 27cm
  • Weight: 9.47kg
  • Includes:
    • Integrated pump
    • Solar panel
    • 20 pressure-equalizing Inline drip heads
    • 15 Pipe pegs
    • 3 rechargeable AA batteries
    • 8 plugs, 8 T-pieces
    • Filter and 20 metre tube
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Welcome to the Future

Once upon a time, like back in the late 90s, it was an absolute joy to take your brand new Nokia 3310 to school to show your friends, complete with its unnecessarily sturdy cover. You'd gather in a little circle and see who could get the highest score on Snake. Later, you'd go home and (while supposedly doing your homework) listen to your favourite music on a CD player covered with stickers of Boyzone and Britney. Life was sweet.

Fast-forward to 2024 and that phone and CD player would these days only be taken to school for 'show and tell' in history class. By now, you see, that stuff is hardly considered 'tech', but 'vintage'. You know what is considered tech, though? A lot of the stuff we're running deals on today in the name of Tech Tuesday!