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North Bayou

Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation for 1, 2 or 3 Monitors



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1 Monitor:

Promote collaboration and well-being in the workplace by installing the efficient and modern ST15 single monitor integrated sit-stand workstation. Enjoy a sturdy and stable place to work with the aluminium alloy and steel base construction, as well as the mechanical counterbalance pulley system that keeps the keyboard desk and monitor moving in tandem with just a push or pull. Adjust this durable workstation to the height you need to perform comfortably whether sitting or standing.

You can place the ST15 desktop workstation on any fixed-height desk in the office or the home to easily turn a sitting desk into a healthier standing position workspace. Designed to integrate movement into the workday or gaming enjoyment, it’s coated in black or white to create a classic aesthetic with effortless functionality. The ST15 can hold a laptop as well as a monitor display ranging from 22" to 32" with a weight capacity of 24.2 lbs (12kg) max. With a premium VESA compliant interface, you’ll experience the full range of adjustment, from height, tilt angle, 360 degrees rotation, and a completely ergonomic design for eye, arms, back, and neck relief.

Other features of this essential sit-stand workstation include internal cable management to ward off cord clutter and a pre-installed USB adaptor cable for connecting and charging your smartphone so it’s within easy reach. With increased energy, enhanced wellness, and improved productivity, the ST15 is built for optimum performance!

2 Monitors:

Make the workplace a perfect combination of collaboration and well-being with this dual monitor integrated sit-stand workstation. Constructed with aluminium alloy and a durable steel base, the ST15-2A provides a stable, sturdy, and safe tabletop workspace for any business or home office.

The ergonomic design allows you or your staff to convert traditional sitting postures into active sit-stand workstations in a flash. With the mechanical counterbalance pulley system, the large and comfortable keyboard desk moves in tandem with the dual monitor setup with just a simple push or pull. Set the desired working height for monitors sized between 22” and 32”, and weighing 19.8 lbs. The VESA interface provides a full range of motion from monitor height to 360-degree rotation to tilt-offered ergonomics.

Coated in smooth black and white, the ST15-2A sit stand-workstation gives any setting an elegant yet modern aesthetic. In addition, any desktop can stay neat and organized with the cable management system built into the arms plus the pre-installed USB adaptor cable for connective external devices. Great for IT departments, developers, tech executives, or presentation setups, this dual-display workstation will help alleviate strain on the eyes, neck, and back as it also increases productivity and overall efficiency.

3 Monitors:

Boost productivity and encourage healthy lifestyles with this unique Sit-Stand Workstation! Designed for maximum ergonomic enjoyment, the ST15-3A triple monitor integrated workstation stand is ideal for developers, IT departments, graphic designers, and financial business executives. Built with a stable aluminium alloy and steel materials in the base, it comes with an oversized keyboard desk for extra comfort and adaptability.

Place the ST15-3A on a fixed height desktop to convert a sitting posture into an active standing workstation with sitting support. The handy mechanical pulley system moves the desktop, keyboard, and supported monitors in tandem with just a push or a pull of the hands. Install three monitor displays sized 19” to 24”, with a weight of 24.2 lbs (12 kg) to turn your desktop into a great place for collaboration, tracking daily sales reports, or even for home entertainment and enjoying video games.

The VESA interface offers a full range of motion, from height to up/down tilt to 360-degree rotation, all designed for ergonomic comfort for the eyes, neck, back, and arms. Smoothly coated in black and white, the ST15-3A Integrated Sit-Stand Workstation also includes internal cable management to keep cords and wires from cluttering your space, as well as a built-in USB adapter cable for quick and easy connectivity with your smart devices. Install this versatile workstation at your company or home today and start enjoying improved well-being, energy, and productivity!

Product Features
  • 1 Monitor:
    • Fits screen sizes from 22" - 32"
    • Aluminium alloy and steel construction created a rigid base and stable environment
    • Effortless monitor adjustability aids in tilting, rotating, and up-down movement
    • Spacious desk area holds both a PC screen and a laptop
    • The keyboard tray moves in tandem with the monitor to your desired height
    • Extra mobility turns any fixed desk into an active standing workstation
    • Adjust the working height with ease thanks to the mechanical counterbalance system
    • Clean and classic look with modern design, including pre-installed USB and cord concealer
    • Fully ergonomic, fatigue-reduction solution for businesses or personal use
    • Tilt angles +3 degrees / - 15 degrees with VESA 75x75 - 100x100mm 360 degrees rotation.
    • Desk adjustable height range 17.7" (450mm).
    • Monitor adjustable height is 4.33" (110mm).
    • Large and spacious keyboard size 27" x 19.5" (690 x 495 mm).
    • Pre-installed USB adaptor.
  • 2 Monitors:
    • Holds dual monitors ranging from 22” to 32”
    • Highly mobile design can be installed on any fixed desk to become an interactive workstation
    • Aluminium alloy and steel base construction is rigid and stable
    • The monitor can be moved up, down, tilting, or rotating easily and effortlessly
    • Mechanical counterbalance system allows for working height adjustment
    • Large keyboard desk and dual monitor setup can be adjusted in tandem
    • Stylish look with a cable management system to cut down on cord clutter
    • Increases wellness in the home or office; helps reduce fatigue and body strain
  • 3 Monitors:
    • Adjusts to fit most 19” - 24” displays
    • Aluminium alloy and steel construction adds stability and long-lasting performance
    • Triple monitor setup features full adjustability with left/right and up/down movements
    • Large desktop, display, and keyboard tray move as one for consistency of placement
    • Height adjustment is effortless with the mechanical counterweight system
    • Features pre-installed USB adaptor and built-in cable management
    • Turns any fixed desk into an active sit-stand workstation; ergonomic design helps reduce fatigue
    • VESA compliant patterns: 75x75 to 100x100mm, with 360º rotation


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