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Twist on the classic game
Fast paced
Party game
Rapid fire
Hours of fun
Great gift!

Connect 4

Shots Rapid Fire Party Game


Retail: R700

Too slow this time!

This deal expired on 2020-12-04.

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Bounce 'em in for the win. The Connect 4 Shots game is fast-paced, rapid-fire fun in a race to get 4 shots in a row. Count down to start: 1-2-3, bounce. Two players bounce the lightweight, colourful balls into the grid at the same time. Remember, the balls must hit the table before going in. Keep bouncing balls until a player gets 4 in a row of their colour for the win. Then when the game is over, fold the grid into a handy storage case.

Product Features
  • A rapid-fire, bouncin' twist on the Connect 4 game
  • Fast-paced, competitive excitement
  • Players simultaneously bounce balls into the grid
  • Get 4 in a row of the same colour to win
  • Guaranteed hours of fun
Product Specifications
  • For Ages 8+
  • Number of players: 2 or more
  • Warranty: 6 months
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