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Click and GrowSmart Garden 25 Indoor Gardening Kit

More Colours
More Colours


Retail: R14,000

The Click & Grow 25 allows you to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle full of the freshest, most nutritious home-grown leafy greens. It takes care of watering, lighting and the connected app helps you track your plants and receive tips on how to grow the most bountiful greens. Although suitable for all Click & Grow plants, its patented tray system is specifically designed for growing leafy greens in a seamless planting and harvesting cycle. Insert plant pods from one end, harvest from the other. Continuously. You’ll always have healthy greens to add to your dishe

Product Features
  • Continuous weekly harvest of leafy greens
  • Modular indoor garden made of high quality natural oak and metal
  • App to maintain a steady 5-week growth & harvest cycle
  • App-controlled grow-lights and humidity sensor
  • Complimentary set of 54 plant pods so you can start growing right away: 9x Leaf Mustard, 9x Red Kale, 18x Romaine Lettuce, and 18x Green Lettuce plant pods.
  • Compatibility with add-ons: fan and protective glass kit, storage drawer and shelf
  • Click & Grow 25 is built to be the most seamless solution for enjoying premium quality leafy greens on a daily basis.
Product Specifications 
  • Each module comes with 6 trays – 1 you can use for harvesting or storing the herbs you plan to harvest and 5 to always have in the garden producing new greens.
  • Measurements:
  • W: 75.5 cm x H: 51 cm x D: 43 cm
  • Floor area: 0.3 m2.
  • Plant capacity: 25 plants per 1 module
  • 5 trays per module, 5 plants in each tray (5×5)
  • Vertically stackable; 3 modules max
  • Two finishes/colours available – choose between oak wood + white panels or oak wood + black panels

For more info visit Click and Grow 

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