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adidasRX Green Round Padel Racket with Drawstring Bag


Retail: R3,700
Please note that this product is a
Please note:

This product is a parallel import. This has nothing to do with the authenticity of the product (it is completely authentic), but means it has been imported without the approval, or license of the registered owner of the trademark, and therefore no guarantee or warranty in respect of such goods will be honoured or fulfilled by any official or licensed importer of such goods. However, any warranty claims will be covered by OneDayOnly or the relevant third-party seller, in accordance with our standard return/refund policy.


The adidas Green Padel Racket is a fantastic racket for semi-advanced players. It offers an excellent combination of power and control thanks to its soft EVA core foam, structural reinforcement technology and surface composed of fiberglass. Double fibres are inserted into the heart of the racket for increased structural rigidity and power. Its round shape is forgiving and provides a large sweet spot and greater precision in hitting.

As part of adidas' Greenpadel series, it features recyclable and biodegradable fibers, showcasing your commitment to both your game and the environment. Ideal for intermediate players, this eco-friendly racket combines superior performance with sustainability.

Accompanied with the adidas Drawstring Bag, your ideal companion for every padel training or casual meet-ups with friends. This bag is designed to offer you ample space, with an adjustable drawstring closure where you can store your padel racket, a pack of overgrips, and a water bottle. The Adidas emblem stands out in a silver tone in the center, adding a distinctive and elegant touch on the black base.

Product Features
  • Structural Reinforcement: The Adidas RX 1000's fiberglass frame provides excellent rigidity and strength, enhancing your power and precision on the court.
  • EVA Soft Performance Foam: This advanced foam core delivers superior comfort, absorbing vibrations and reducing strain on your arm during long matches. It offers excellent control, making it easier to place the ball exactly where you want it. Whether you're aiming for sharp angles or defensive lobs, this racket helps you execute your strategy flawlessly.
  • Smart Holes: The strategic hole pattern ensures optimal aerodynamics, contributing to increased swing speed and enhanced maneuverability.
  • Spin Blade: The rough surface of the blade promotes spin, allowing you to add extra bite to your shots and keep your opponents on their toes.
  • Surface Flax fibre is extraordinary fibre with incredible flexibility, 100% renewable and biodegradable.
  • Design: With its weight of 360-375 grams, the RX Green Padel gives you agility and speed without sacrificing power.
  • Structural Power: Double fibres are inserted into the heart of the racket for increased structural rigidity and power.
  •  Adidas Drawstring Bag
    • Adjustable cords, it provides a simple closure and opening, perfectly adapting to your needs.
    • Ideal capacity for a padel racket and some accessories, making it a practical option for your playing sessions.
    • High-quality materials that guarantee exceptional performance and durability over time.
    • Dimensions: 48 x 34 cm
Product Specifications 
  • Head Size: Standard
  • Shape: Round
  • Weight: 360g-375g
  • Balance: Low
  • Structure: Fiberglass
  • Core EVA Soft Performance
  • Racket Face: Fiberglass
  • Type of player: Semi-advanced players with good ball control looking for maximum power
  • 6 Months manufacturers warranty (not including playing damage)
What's in the Box?
  • 1x Adidas RX Green Padel Racket
  • 1x Adidas Drawstring Bag


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