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Easy to clean
Dishwasher Safe
Elegant and Stylish Design

Royalty Line

24 or 72-Piece Luxury Dining Cutlery Set



Retail: R780

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Since its foundation, the Royalty Line has been focusing on providing advance concept and design of the kitchen and household products to the world market.

Royalty Line has set to itself a target of offering its users the easiest to use, comfortable, durable and innovative products in today’s highly competitive market.

Royalty Line focuses on supplying a wide variety of goods which cover the most basic element of use in the kitchen and on the table of everyday users. Each item from its concept idea to the design construction is made to appeal and satisfy its users. Quality and precision are the two driving forces behind the brand.

Keeping up with world trends and the ever-growing demand for high quality, durable and eye-catching products is Royalty Lines mission.

We believe that with precision in the kitchen we can reach the highest user satisfaction.

Cook into a whole new experience with Royalty Line

Product Features 

Royalty line 24 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

  • High-end Stainless Steel
  • Elegant and Stylish Design
  • Suitable for 6 people
  • Easy to clean - Dishwasher Safe
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver

Set Includes: 

  • 6 x Table knife 5,0 mm
  • 6 x Table fork 3,0 mm
  • 6 x Tablespoon 3,0 mm
  • 6 x Teaspoon 2,0 mm

Royalty Line 72 Piece Mirror Finish Cutlery Set 

  • Mirror finish
  • Safe and non-toxic materials
  • Luxurious and elegant design
  • Two-tone cutlery set particularly classic shape.
  • Proper weight with good balance grip
  • Details gold engraving
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to store, easy to carry
  • The suitcase has a combination lock
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver or Gold

Set Includes:

  • Soup spoons - 12 pieces
  • Dinner knives - 12 pieces
  • Dinner forks - 12 pieces
  • Sugar spoon - 1 piece
  • Ice cream scoop - 1 piece
  • Dessert forks - 12 pieces
  • Teaspoons - 12 pieces
  • Sauce spoon - 1 piece
  • Serving spoon - 1 piece
  • Cake serves Set - 1 piece
  • Salad Set - 2 pieces
  • Serve spoons - 2 pieces
  • Sugar Spoon - 1 piece
  • Appetizer forks - 2 pieces 
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