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Mind to MindReinforcing Sudoku Book 1-4

4 Books
4 Books


Retail: R240

Indulge your mind in the addictive challenge of sudoku with this premium pack of sudoku books!

Inside this bundle, you'll find a diverse array of sudoku puzzles, ranging from gentle beginners' grids to fiendishly difficult brain-teasers. Whether you're a seasoned sudoku solver or just starting your journey into the world of number puzzles, there's something here to keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end. Sudoku isn't just a game – it's a mental workout that can help improve concentration, memory, and overall cognitive function. With this pack of sudoku books, you'll not only have fun but also reap the rewards of a healthier, more agile mind.

Product Features
  • Imprint Mind to Mind
  • Format Paperback
  • Extent 96 pages (each)
  • Size 210x151mm (each)
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