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BabyWombWorldPortable Horigen Double Electric Breast Pump


Retail: R2,900

Most pregnant moms wonder whether they really need to buy a breast pump, as it is one of the more expensive items on the registry. For some a pump will be a matter of convenience, enabling her to leave some milk for her baby when she needs to go out or simply take a break. For many others a good quality breast pump will become the determining factor in whether they can continue their breastfeeding journey. If you are planning to express when going back to work, have a baby unable to nurse due to factors like prematurity or admission to NICU, or if you have any troubles with your milk supply, you definitely fall into the latter category. And the BabyWombWorld Double Electric Breast Pump promises to be exactly what you need.

BabyWombWorld's Breast Pumps pumping action mimics your baby's natural feeding action and pattern and you can expect super-efficient expression and comfort with this electric Breast Pump. It will not only save time and effort, but also help to maintain your milk supply, particularly if your baby cannot drink directly from the breast or you are separated from your baby for long periods at a time. Our Breast Pump will not only stimulate the ongoing production of breast milk, which is always best for your precious baby, but allow you to build up a stock of your milk. When you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk will flow more easily, and our Breast Pump has been designed to imitate a baby's suckling as closely as possible.

Product Features
  • 3D SUCTION TECHNOLOGY - The best feature of BabyWombWorld's breast pump is the 3D pump set. Soft silicone flanges and tunnels that fit your nipple and aureole with gentle pressure, vacuum and massage that will pump enough breast-milk for your baby.
  • ADVANCED TOUCH PANEL TECHNOLOGY - BabyWombWorld Breast Pumps have a digital touch screen, displaying information such as the suction phase (stimulating or expressing), suction level (select your personal comfort level for each breast from one to nine) and usage time. A memory function allows you to set a default suction level that will automatically activate each time you use the pump..
  • AUTOMATIC CONTROL - The 2-phase expression starts off with a short, quick sucking rhythm to stimulate a let-down reflex and get your milk flowing. The pump can then be changed to a slow regular rhythm to express milk. Suction strengths for both these phases can be adapted with a simple up/down function.
  • BUILD-IN LITHIUM BATTERY - Simply plug it in to charge, and then express wherever you are without needing to worry over a plug-point or batteries. This is a quality that you won't fully appreciate until you've gone through months of expressing, having to struggle every time to find a power source.
Product Specifications
  • Power Input: 100-240V50/60Hz
  • Power Output: DC 10V 1.5A
  • Power Rating: 15W
  • Stimulation Speed: 100T/min
  • Stimulating Pressure: Max -0.018MPa, 9 levels vacuum
  • Expression Speed: 26-60T/min
  • Expression Pressure: Max-0.036MPa, 9 levels vacuum
  • Li-ion battery: 7.4V 1800mAh
  • Timer: 30 minutes
  • Overall Noise: 60dB(A)
  • Has been CE, REACH, ROHS approval
What's Included:
  • 1 x Pump Unit
  • 2 x Bottle Stand
  • 2 x Wide Neck Bottle with Solicone Breast Shield
  • 2 x Diaphragm
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 2 x Tubing with connectors
  • 2 x Bottle Stand
  • 2 x Bottle Adapter
  • 2 x Nipples
  • 2 x Disc Collar
  • 2 x Bottle Lid
  • 1 x Manual
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