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EufyPet Water Fountain Replacement Kit


Retail: R220

Filtration Protects Your Pet’s Health: A 5-tiered filtration system whisks away any impurities so you never have to worry about your pet getting sick while taking a sip of water.

Product Features
  • Unique 5-Stage Water Filtration: Industry-leading advanced 5-stage water purification system ensures safe, clean, fresh and healthy water for your lovely cat / dog.
  • 6 Replacement Filters in 1 Pack: The great-value pack with 6 replacement filters (3 sets) included. 3 x white filters (stage 1-4) and 3 x green filters (stage 5) are included in 1 pack.
  • Longer Lifespan, Less Replacement: Each set (1 white + 1 green) can last for 2-3 months, and 3 sets together can last for 6-9 months in total. Longer lifespan means less replacement required
  • Last for Months, Replace in Minutes: Washable and removable design makes it easy and convenient to take out, clean / change and put back with bare hands in minutes.

*These are replacement filters for the eufy Pet Drinking Fountain.

What's In The Box?
  • Replacement filters (3 sets) included:
  • 3 x white filters (stage 1-4)
  • 3 x green filters (stage 5) are included in 1 pack
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