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Functionality illustration. Chains & basket sold separately.
Functionality illustration. Chains & basket sold separately.
Elegant Charms
Multiple Colours
Unique Style & Design


Personalized Sound Ball


Retail: R400

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Please note
  • If you choose a ball that is larger than your basket, the basket will not be able to hold that larger sized ball

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Wearing jewellery as lucky charms and calling the guardian angel by using sound bodies are ancient traditions. It goes back to the Spanish Llamadores de ángeles (Spanish for caller of the angel). With their delicate sound, the jewellery pieces help to call your guardian angel.

In 2010, Sabine and Mario Martini picked up this idea and created their brand Engelsrufer. Following the colour spectrum of the Indian chakra teachings they revived the Spanish tradition. Both created jewellery with different coloured sound balls, each with its unique meaning and tone. Depending on the colour, the sound balls give you peace, strength, love, balance or self-confidence.

Sometimes at sunrise, when we are neither awake nor asleep, when dusk falls and shadows let us distrust our feelings, there is a sense, something ungraspable, a whisper, maybe a soft touch caressing our cheeks ... imply something undefinable.

These are angels, surrounding us, always present when we need them. They listen to us and our secrets and know all our wishes. If you have lost your faith in them because life has taught you about sorrow, loss and pain, this is your personal Angel Whisperer to help them find you and let you trust in them again.

Product Features
  • Personalized Charms
  • Unique Colours & Meanings
  • One of a Kind
  • Elegant & Classic Look
  • Perfect Gift
  • Sentimental
  • Engelsrufer sound ball, high-quality handcrafted, made of metal
  • Choose a sound ball to go with your Basket
Product Specification
  • Sizes for baskets and balls:
    • Small: Approx 14mm (Small ball fits inside the Small basket)
    • Medium: Approx 17mm (Medium ball fits inside the Medium basket)
    • Large: Approx 20mm  (Large ball fits inside the Large basket)
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