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Ice ball

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Pack of 4 Ice Balls & Spheres Silicone Molds


Retail: R350

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No more watery drinks: Drink your whiskey, cocktail or any other drink in style with luxury 6cm ice balls. Easy to make: Fill the silicone mold with water and put in the freezer
Exotic drinks: Add a fruit inside the mold when filling with water to make ice with a frozen fruit inside for your exotic cocktails. Make the kids pefect big ice cream balls

Product Features
  • Food grade silicone molds 
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Durable, flexible and easy removal of ice balls
  • Includes: 4 moulds
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Humble bragging. How is this still a thing?

You know the type. They'll say something along the lines of "I really miss my old Chevy Spark. This Audi SUV is so much harder to park."

Rest assured they don't miss that Chevy AT ALL. They just want you to know that they spent truckloads of cash on the latest Audi, but they want to come across as really casual because somehow that makes them cooler. Or something.

You'd think the complete lack of any complimentary responses would put an end to this type of self-appreciation, but if anything it's happening more and more.

We'd love to come up with an effective solution to it but we're waaay too busy running a successful eCommerce company to actually invest the time.

Did you know we're also getting our PhDs on the side? No big deal.

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