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Créche Guard

Pack of 25 50ml Restore Liquid Sachets

Pack of 25
Pack of 25


Retail: R500

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Little ones can experience fluid and nutrient loss due to diarrhea, vomiting, exercise or just too much fun in the sun and too little drinking of water. Creche Guard restore sachet is a gel-like fluid solution that helps to replace fluid and nutrients that may have been lost.

A hydrated little body is a healthy body, so when your child needs a hydration solution, try Créche Guard Restore.

Product Features
  • 5 Packs with 5 sachets per pack
  • Total: 25 Liquid sachets
  • Fluid replenishment
  • Easy & convenient
  • Can be frozen
  • Dosage: Children 3 years and older: drink/suck one lolly every 3 hours (maximum of 9 lollies per day)
  • For children under 3, consult your doctor before giving them the product
  • Expiry date: 2022
  • Tasty to help your little one keep the fluid down
  • No pre-preparation or mixing required.
  • Can be given at room temperature or frozen as a lolly – (this allows for smaller volumes of liquid to be consumed, as children often struggle to swallow large volumes of liquid)
  • Pour into a cup for easy consumption
  • Gluten, dairy and colourant free and suitable for vegetarians

For more information, please check Créche Guard

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