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Oral-BOxyjet Cleaning Nozzle (4's)


Retail: R380

Oral-B Oxyjet Targeted Micro-Bubble Cleaning Replacement Jets are replacement irrigator heads for Oral-B Irrigators that allow interdental cleaning and promote optimal gum health.

With Oxygen Technology they have the ability to mix air and water and enrich the water with micro-bubbles. This combination, of water and purified air, is designed to help hamper bacteria proliferation, provide a gentle gum massage, and boost the freshness of the breath all at the same time. In combination with the irrigator, it perfectly removes trapped food around both braces and implants, removing more plaque and leaving your whole mouth cleaner being ideal to complement your daily oral hygiene routine.

Product Features
  • Oxygen Technology: mixes air and water to form clean-boosting microbubbles;
  • Removes trapped food around both braces and implants;
  • Removes more plaque and leaves your whole mouth cleaner;
  • Compatible with all Oral-B Irrigators.
Product Specifications
  • 4 Nozzles in total
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