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Joel SartoreNational Geographic Photo Ark Wonders (Hardcover)


Retail: R600

Celebrating diversity in the animal kingdom. From eel to armadillo, from platypus to prairie dog, with the occasional beetle, turtle, frog, moth, or mouse tossed in, Photo Ark Wonders is like a zoo in a book, only better: a treasure trove of images that allow you to look into the eyes of the animals from around the world.

Like a latter-day Noah, Joel Sartore is on a mission to save every kind of creature in human care - by photographing them. Of some 20 000 species, he has already created portraits of more than 11 000. Here are 462 of those images, curated to highlight the vast array of shapes, patterns, and personalities in the animal kingdom.

Along the way, Sartore shares stories from his travels, some wrenching and some hilarious. With wit and wisdom - and a few telling comments from his wife and children - he brings you along on his journey to discover the wonders of the animals in our world.

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