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Multifunctional 8-in-1 Pull-Up Exercise Station (White)


Retail: R2,500

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This deal expired on 2020-11-26.

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This multifunctional wall mounted workout station is made of high-grade steel and includes mounting bolts to offer great stability for all of your workouts. The ideal multifunctional home workout station to work a wide variety of muscle groups.

Product Features

Made of high-grade steel offering great stability and rigidity. Supports up to 150kg.

The exercise station can be fully unmounted from the wall and stored away if need be.

The station can be mounted in 2 different orientations, transforming its functionality. Switching between these 2 orientations can be done by one person in about 5 seconds by simply lifting the station from the wall mounts, rotating the station, then re-placing it onto the wall mounts.  
Orientation 1 allows it to function as a Pull-Up Bar (wide or narrow grip) or as a mount for a punching bag (see pictured - bag not included). Can also accommodate resistance cords (see pictured - cords not included).
Orientation 2 allows it to function as a dip station or as a leg-raise station.


  • Pull-Ups (Wide Grip, Close-Grip)
  • Knee/Leg Raises
  • Tricep Dips
Product Specifications

Orientation: Pull Up

Weight Capacity: 150kg
Pull up bar width: 93cm
Pull up bar from wall: 46cm
Distance between mounting plates: 40cm

Orientation: Leg Raise / Dips

Weight Capacity: 150kg
Padded back size: 21x19cm
Dip bar from wall: 73cm
Distance between mounting plates: 40cm

  • 1 x Exercise Station
  • 1 x Set of all required tools for assembly
  • 4 x Wall Mounting Brackets
  • 8 x Mounting Bolts
  • 1 x Assembly Instructions
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