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Water resistant inner
Pressure relieving
Many sizes
Easy to clean


Memory Foam Throne Dog Mattress

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Retail: R1,200

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This deal expired on 2020-11-26.

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Please Note
  • Due to the nature of this product, it cannot be returned unless sealed and in original packaging.


Does your Furry Friend suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle, joint discomfort or has your furry friend reached the Golden Years? This is the ideal Mattress for your living inside house furry friend.

The Throne Memory foam Orthopedic mattress is the perfect mattress for your furry friend that enjoys being inside. This Mattress has an HD Foam Bolster that is 4 cm in height which goes around the mattress. This bolster is ideal for furry friends who like to use a pillow and makes this mattress comfy and cozy and has all the benefits of The Orthopedic mattress

The Throne memory foam mattress is a Triple-layer construction to keep your doggie as comfortable as can be. We use HD Foam, Simulated Latex and Memory Foam for this Mattress.

Memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam formulated to have a slow recovery to its original shape once depressed. It is this slow recovery that gives it its ability to support without the pressure associated with conventional foams. Memory foam is temperature-sensitive and uses natural body heat to conform to the body shape, head and neck shape.

On the Throne memory foam mattress, we use double-ended soft towelling on the top and we use suede on the sides and bottom of the mattress making it strong and easy to clean. The throne mattress also comes with a water-resistant inner and removable zip cover which is fully washable.

The Mattress has been medically proven to prevent arthritis and hip dysplasia from forming and if your furry friend has these conditions it will help your furry friend with stiffness and pain management.

This is a health mattress and will help with your furry friend’s posture and your furry friend is not forced to sleep curled up.

Product Features
  • Water-resistant inner
  • Zero upward pressure
  • Unsurpassed durability
  • Fully washable zip cover
  • Tripple-layer mattress construction
  • Colour options:
    • Stone: Stone top with grey sides
    • Grey: Grey top with brown sides.
    • Yellow: Yellow with grey sides.
    • Red: Red top with grey sides.

 Sizes options

  • Small: 75cm x 50cm x 8cm Thick
  • Medium: 100cm x 60cm x 8cm Thick
  • Large: 110cm x 70cm x 8cm Thick
  • Giant: 120cm x 95cm x 8cm Thick
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