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BioCerticaLimited Edition Elite Wellness DNA Kit


Retail: R9,900
Please Note
  • Always discuss your results with your medical professional
  • DNA test results may take between 6-8 weeks

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and well-being with our Limited Edition Elite Wellness DNA Kit, an expansive collection of lifestyle and ancestry reports. This comprehensive offering empowers you to explore every facet of your genetic identity, health, and potential.

Product Feature


Trace Your Roots Embark on a captivating journey through your genetic history with our Ancestry report.

Actively trace your family's lineage and uncover the fascinating stories of your ancestors. Embrace the uniqueness of your genetic heritage and gain an unparalleled perspective on your roots.

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Fitness Insights

Optimize Your Active Lifestyle Unlock your athletic potential with detailed insights from the Fitness report.

Actively explore your Sprinter gene, Lean body mass, and VO2 Max to tailor your fitness regimen for peak performance. Make informed decisions about your exercise routine and harness your genetic strengths to achieve your fitness goals.

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Nutrition and Well-Being

Nourish Your Wellness Take an active approach to your well-being with the Nutrition and Well-Being report.

Act on insights related to Inflammation and Methylation to support optimal health. Receive a personalized meal plan tailored to your genetic profile, actively nourishing your body with the right foods to thrive.

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Metabolic Insights

Optimize Your Metabolism

Optimize your metabolism actively with insights into Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, risk for celiac disease, and gout. Make active choices that support metabolic health based on your genetic insights.

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Pharmacogenetics Insights

Personalised Medication Guidance

Benefit from active insights into 1,500 gene drug interactions with our Pharmacogenetics report. Make informed decisions about medication tailored to your genetic profile.

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Birds of a feather

From the beginning of time - or somewhere around then - we humans have lived and worked alongside animals to really help us develop. We're talking cows for milk, horses for labour, dogs for companionship and protection, all of that jazz.

When it comes to birds and their feathers, we've also found plenty of things to make. We use feathers for lures in fly-fishing, we use them to make fletching (the tail bits of arrows), Harry Potter used feathers to write exams and do homework (though we still think a ballpoint pen would have been a lot more practical), you name it!

Now, we're not really up to fly-fishing or archery in this weather, and we certainly aren't interested in writing on parchment (again, had Hogwarts never heard of exam pads?) But a use for a feather we can really get behind (or under) is in our deal on 100% feather duvets from Duck Feather.