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Safest swimming aids available
Builds confidence


Learn to Swim Orange Swim Seat (0-2 Years)


Retail: R300

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This deal expired on 2021-01-20.

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Parents can rest assured that when you buy Speedo, your child is using some of the safest swimming aids available. Our range of buoyant swimming aids help to build a child's confidence as they progress through the 3 stages of learning to swim. Safety is always our primary concern, and we manufacture to the most rigorous Australian and European standards, ensuring that our products are safe to use in the water where the wearer is within their depth.

Product Features
  • Swim Seat
  • Colour: Orange
  • Size: 0-1 Year & 1-2 Years
  • Ideal product to introduce a child to water
  • Latex Free
  • PVC is durable, safer and more child-friendly
  • Fun and Safe
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We're big believers in retail therapy

The stats we're presenting here are based purely on our staff, who make up a tiny percentage of the general population, but they tell us that 100% of our staff that ordered something online exhibited signs of excitement when that thing was delivered.

We know the saying "Money can't buy happiness", but you don't often see someone crying on a jetski - and not just because all that water splashing around would make it hard to identify the tears in the first place.

Although we do have to ask: if our savings are this good, shouldn't we be calling it discount therapy instead?

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