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TippieLearn to Read Level 3 & 4 Collection (20 Books)

20 Books
20 Books


Retail: R800

Learning to read is fun with Tippie the elephant!

The Level 3 books are designed to build on Levels 1 and 2 whilst introducing new consonant blends and digraphs.

Level 4 introduces readers to long vowel sounds through repetition and exposure. The level 4 books are progressive and encourage learning of vowel combinations and rules. The next 10 Tippie adventures are proudly South African and build on the skills acquired in the previous levels.
The text is supported by colourful, engaging illustrations to support comprehension and the learning of long vowel sounds. Additionally, the stories have been written to encourage inferencing and problem solving through the stories and images to enhance the reader’s skills and fun!

Product Features
  • A short, simple, and fun story aimed at the development of reading skills
  • Colorful, child-friendly illustrations
  • Lists with vocabulary and singular and plural; comprehension questions and “complete the sentences” based on the story.
  • These all enable the parent, teacher, or therapist to establish vocabulary and comprehension in a fun way.
Titles Include:

Learn to read with Tippie 10 books - Level 3

  • Tippie the drummer
  • Tippie and Bud play
  • Tippie and the squirrel
  • Tippie goes to the shops,
  • Tippie’s wish for a fish
  • Tippie and the chicken
  • Tippie makes lunch
  • Tippie and his three friends
  • Tippie and the birthday
  • Tippie and the song

Learn to read with Tippie 10 books - Level 4

  • Tippie Bakes a Cake
  • Tippie's Birthday
  • Tippie Get's a Bike
  • Tippie Hides
  • Tippie and Fin Compete
  • Tippie Sees the Sea
  • Tippie and the Flute
  • Tippie's Tooth
  • Tippie and the Dino Bone
  • Tippie and the rowboat
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