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Ladies Fucshia Elite Jersey


Retail: R1,500

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The flower so strikingly beautiful, they named a colour after it. The Fucshia Elite Jersey is a vibrant celebration of feminine beauty that's designed to stand wherever your bike may take you.

The Fuchsia Elite Cycling Jersey is a marvel of fit and fabrication technology. The design features the latest variation on our form fitting race fit cut, which has been painstakingly developed through a process of testing and refinement to provide a fit that feels like a second skin when you're in the racing position.

The Elite cut takes the very best features of our race fit jerseys, and layers it with innovation. The main body of the Jersey is made from ultra lightweight Giove Italian Lycra. This 2 way stretch fabric is ultra-lightweight and retains it's fit shape even under the stresses of professional racing.

The classic longer length sleeves are now made entirely from the same Polygeine Mesh that you'll find in our Aero Race Fit Jerseys, allowing for improved airflow through the jersey while you ride, while it's antibacterial properties reduce odours from sweat buildup in these areas.

A new back panel design features lightweight Ares fabric that not only allows for maximum evaporation, but also offers more comfort with an Anti Bounce Stabilisation system meaning the back pockets can be loaded up without your comfort being affected. he back pockets now also contain a waterproof, invisible zipper pocket for storing valuables.

The Fuchsia also features standard Race Fit features such as the broad 360 degree wide elastic waist, with silicon grippers to keep the jersey in place when you shift position in the saddle. 

Product Features
  • Form fitting race fit cut
  • Super lightweight jersey
  • Longer length polygiene mesh sleeves
  • Broad elastic around hem with silicon grippers
  • Italian lycra fabrics
  • Polygeine mesh panels for ventilation
  • Ergonomic collar design
  • Anti-bounce system to ensure pocket stability 
  • Invisible zip and waterproof pocket
Product Specifications
  • Collar Fabric: Italian Lycra
  • Front & Back Panel Fabric: Italian Lycra
  • Side Panels Fabric: Polygeine Mesh

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