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Tailored fit
Italian lycra
Silicon leg grippers
High visibility reflective trims
Optimal moisture transfer & Odour control


Ladies Corsa Bib Shorts


Retail: R1,700

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“Go faster for longer” that’s the thinking behind our Corsa Bib Shorts, which are specially engineered for those who spend hours in the saddle. We firmly believe that the Bib Short should be an extension of your bike more than just something you wear when you ride it. Each element and panel serves a unique purpose and is engineered to ensure that when they work together, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. 

We’ve hand-selected the Racing Lycra made in Italy, which constitutes the core fabric in this performance garment. This fabric was chosen because of its unparalleled shape retention and flexibility.

Each hand stitched Lycra panel has been subjected to continuous testing until we could tailor them to respond dynamically to the movement of your body, ensuring comfort in any position. The leg panels feature our high performance Italian Lycra. Firmly kept in place on your leg by our Polyester Elastane Snapback Elastic which has been selected for its durability and elasticity retention properties. Our VitaGrip Silicon Leg Grippers are inset onto the surface of the elastic and are precision spaced to ensure your bib maintains its position even when you are pushing yourself to your limits.

A unique structure of the fabric stitching around the Chamois pad is designed to reduce saddle slide and give you more stability, while keeping the Chamois just where you need it. The Chamois features Ciovita’s distinctive 3 layer design with four way stretch fabric outer layer, which complements our Lycra weave to deliver better movement and comfort; a perforated foam inner layer ensures breathability and temperature control; and our third layer is made up of high density, but breathable Vita-Foam for maximum comfort. Along the back panels we have placed ultra-breathable Polygiene™ mesh featuring antibacterial and moisture control and hand stitched onto our Polyester Elastane Snapback Elastic Shoulder straps.

Product Features
  • Tailored fit
  • Ergonomic multi-panel design
  • Race-tested Italian lycra
  • Advanced moisture wicking
  • VitaGrip Silicon leg grippers
  • High visibility reflective trims
  • Three layer comfort system chamois 
  • Polyester elastane snapback elastic
  • APF Fabric technology provides optimal moisture transfer & odour control
  • Fabrication Technology
    • Main body: Italian lycra 
    • Mesh: Polygiene polyester & spandex mesh

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