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Thomas Sabo

Karma Sterling Silver Bracelet


Retail: R1,480

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The THOMAS SABO Karma Beads range includes over 130 dazzling beads, each with a different meaning and power, depending on the stone and design identifying each Karma Bead. Good luck, love, soothing from stress, harmony, wisdom, friendship and sincerity are just very few of the many significances symbolized by the beautifully crafted Karma Beads. The diversity is amplified many times as a result of the countless possibilities of beads combination: with the THOMAS SABO Karma Beads you can give life to unique bracelets and necklaces that become your very own creations, inimitable in their striking looks and individual for their powerful meanings, able to lend to any style a certain Karma.

Mix & match 925 Sterling silver Karma Beads with colourful beads encrusted with zirconia pave or decorated with semi-precious stones or opt for the elegant 18k rose gold plated or the 18k yellow gold plated beads for a more sophisticated look. There is no limit to the number of Karma Beads that you can wear on your Karma Beads bracelet or necklace and, thanks to the incredible variety of bead colour and design, you can create pieces of jewellery that appeal to both women and men of any style, from hippie to rock’n’roll, from glamorous to minimalistic.

Matt-polished obsidian, black and intense, represents expressiveness and wisdom, while the shiny version of the stone is said to ground people and bring them back to earth. The powerful symbol of love – rose quartz – represents fortune and prosperity and the white jade gemstone is believed to radiate harmony and lend its wearer balance and hence greater satisfaction in life. In glowing colours ranging from coral to delicate yellow all the way through to saturated greens and blues, passing through warm amber and bright red: Karma Beads come in a rainbow of shades that never stop shining. Discover feminine designs from the THOMAS SABO jewellery ranges such as The Purity of Lotos and Sparkling Circles lines, delighting with their understated elegance and brilliance. Or opt for tribal inspired Karma Beads such as the ones from the Dreamcatcher range, perfect to be combined with the other boho-chic jewellery pieces. Filigree animal motifs such as the pufferfish, the little tortoise and the shell with pearl lend any Karma Beads creation a sunny holiday vibe, while the Maori and Kathmandu Beads are the epitome of a cool attitude, to be worn both by men and women.

Product Features
  • Sterling Silver Bracelet
  • Perfect for the Karma Charms
  • Various Sizes
Product Specification
  • Sizes:
    • 17 CM
    • 18 CM
    • 19 CM
    •  20 CM
  • Thickness: Approx 0.30cm


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