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Dr. Chiti ParikhIntentional Health (Paperback)


Retail: R360

A nurturing guide to whole-body health that completely integrates traditional Eastern and modern Western healing practices.

By combining a 5,000-year history rooted in time-tested, ancient traditions with cutting-edge science, Dr. Chiti Parikh, executive director of the Integrative Health and Wellbeing Program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and a clinical professor at Weill Cornell Medical College, provides the steps you can take to bring your body into a lasting state of balance and live a longer life with more energy, less pain, and renewed confidence.

No matter where you are along your health journey, Dr. Chiti will help you achieve balance by letting you in on seven ancient secrets from circadian rhythms to the mind-body connection to digestive fire. With Dr. Chiti's guidance, you too can become intentionally healthy by:

Setting a positive health intention and visualizing how you'd like to feel

Diving into ancient health principles

Engaging in a 28-day vitality regimen to jump-start your journey to optimal health

Becoming equipped with the knowledge to identify imbalances as soon as they occur

After all, health is not the mere absence of disease. Health is living a life full of energy and manifesting your true potential, with your body as your best ally.

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