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String Pattern: 14x19
Construction: Aluminum
Grip: Wilson PU


Impact Pro 300 Squash Racket


Retail: R450

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Suitable both for first-time players and those who play recreationally, the Wilson Impact Pro 300 squash racket has an oversized (496cm2) head for plenty of power. For manoeuvrability and good control over shots, the racket is head light balanced and comes strung with a durable Wilson nylon string in a 14x19 string pattern. The racket’s heavier weight (204g) further enhances power and an included headcover protects it between uses.

Product Features
  • Freedom of movement
  • Head Size: 76.9in2 (496cm2)
  • Frame Weight: 204g (7.2oz)
  • Balance: 309mm (headlight)
  • Length: 27’’ (686mm)
  • Strung with Wilson nylon string
  • String Pattern: 14x19
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Grip: Wilson PU
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