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VortexHydroponic Terracotta Planter


Retail: R480

See plants grow before your very eyes with a hydroponic ceramic planter that uses only water to nurture all kinds of plants from seeds, spores and clippings into stunning displays of nature.

With a design inspired by nature, the Sigma Hydroponic Terracotta Planter will grow lush plants with minimal effort on its unique porous surface.

Natural wonder
Let nature put on a stunning display in your abode, with a planter that hydrates roots directly from the source, allowing them to grow vertically and encircle the conical shape of the pot. You’ll witness lush, green plants thrive before your very eyes.

Four ways to grow
Propagate your favourite species in one four ways, with a planter that allows you to rub spores onto the surface, wrap a climbing plant around it, use a rubber band to mount plant roots or even cover it with seeds of your choice.

Water less often
The unique design waters plants from the inside out, passing through the solid yet porous terracotta cone to sustain the plant which grows on the surface. Let the plant drink as it needs, and waterless often!

Product Features
  • Terracotta planter grows plants using only water
  • Ideal for growing ferns, moss and vines
  • Grows plants from spores, seeds and cuttings
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Made from 100% natural terracotta
  • Dimensions: 23cm (L) x 12cm (D)
Tips & Tricks
  • Mist planter twice a day until plants are established.
  • Wrap climbing plants around the planter and secure with rubber bands until roots grow.
  • Recommended seeds for sprouting: chia, buckwheat, Sinapis, flax, grass and watercress
  • Perfect for Ferns, ivy’s, hoyas, certain philodendrons, orchids and much more.
  • Fertilize once a month with a foliar spray
  • 1 x SIGMA Hydroponic Terracotta Planter
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