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Joseph JosephFlex™ Plus Toilet Brush with Storage Caddy


Retail: R850

The revolutionary Flex™ Plus toilet brush has a unique D-shaped, flexible head with wide bristles to effectively and hygienically clean the toilet. It also comes with a handy caddy to let you store bleach bottles or aerosols neatly out of sight.

Product Features  
  • Flexible, D-shaped head to reach all areas, even under the rim.
  • Widely spaced bristles to prevent dirt clogging.
  • Design allows liquid to drain quickly and minimise drips between cleaning and storing.
  • Additional feature of a storage caddy integrated in the holder for keeping cleaning products or aerosols handy, but discreetly out of sight.
  • Care and Use
    • Brush and holder - clean with bleach or hot soapy water.
    • If using bleach, avoid prolonged contact with stainless-steel shaft.
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