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#1 recommended dishwasher brand
Keeps dishwasher hygienic
For smear free glasses
Removes tough grease


Auto Dishwashing All in One Tablets Regular (100's)


Retail: R330

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This deal expired on 2020-11-27.

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Finish is the global market leader in dishwashing products and has a long history of industry firsts. They are the #1 recommended dishwasher brand worldwide and have been at the forefront of automatic dishwashing for over 60 years.

Everybody knows that to get great results from their dishwasher they need a brilliant dishwashing detergent, like Finish. What fewer people know is that to get the very best results, they also need Finish additives like rinse aid, dishwasher cleaner, dishwasher freshener, and booster.

Finish All In One Max dishwasher tablets tackle whatever you throw at it. The Powerball boosts the tablet to remove even baked-on-food, giving you a powerful clean 1st time every time.

Product Features 
  • All In One Max dishwasher tablets 
  • Powerball boosts the tablet to remove even baked-on-food
  • powerful clean 1st time every time
  • #1 recommended dishwasher brand worldwide
  • Keeps those wine glasses clear and shiny
  • Helps to remove tough grease from pots and pans


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