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Faux Suede or waterproof dog pillow
Hollow ball fiber
Removable zip cover
Machine washable


Faux Suede or Waterproof Dog Pillow

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Retail: R550

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Please Note
  • Due to the nature of this product, it cannot be returned unless sealed and in original packaging.


The Dog-O-Pedic Dog Pillow is filled with thousands of mini ball clusters known as ball fibre it is the ideal lounging dog pillow for inside and outside.

You may choose whether you would like a robust water-resistant canvas cover or a soft comfy suede fabric cover. The Ball Fibre Pillow has a removable zip cover that is fully washable.

Product Features
  • A top quality suede or waterproof dog pillow
  • The Dog Pillow is made from hollow ball fibre stuffing
  • Fabric inner
  • Removable, washable zip cover
  • The Dog Pillow will comfortably accommodate any small or medium dog
  • The Dog Pillow will comfortably accommodate any small, medium or large dog. One Size fits all.
Product Specifications
  • Available Colours: 
    • Suede: Brown or Grey
    • Waterproof: Beige, Brown or Camo 
  • Dimensions: 88cm(L) x64cm(W) x22cm(Thick)


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