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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Quick Results in 8 seconds
Low Perfusion less than 0.075%

Yimi Life

Digital Fingertip Pulse Oximeter


Retail: R440

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Please note
  • This product is intended as an aid only. Always contact your medical professional if you suspect that you may be ill. 

This digital fingertip pulse oximeter is the ideal way to measure your pulse rate

Product Features
  • Modern, Clean and Streamlined Design
  • Configurable High or Low Sp02 and Pulse Rate Limits for Visual Alarm 
  • Adjustable Display Brightnessto Save Battery 
  • Quick Results in 8 seconds -Low Perfusion less than 0.075% 
  • All Screen Design with 1.5" LED Display 
  • Display Contact: Sp02%, Pulse Rate: PI%, Heart Beat Icon, Battery Indicator 
  • Easy One Button Operation 
  • IP22 Level Water and Dust Resistance 
  • Blood Oxygen Saturation (Sp02) Declared Accuracy: 
    • Range: 70~99% : ±2 Digits, 0~69% Unspecified 
    • Resolution : 1% 
    • Display Range: 30% ~ 99% 
  • Pulse Rate (PR) Declared Accuracy 
    • Range: 25~250 bpm: ±3 Digits 
    • Resolution : 1 bpm - Power Consumption: 25~50 mA 
  • Auto Power Off in 8 seconds without Finger Insertion and Low Battery Indicator 
  • Temperature Storage: -20 ~ 60°C, Operating: 5 ~ 40°C 
  • Humidity: Storage 10% ~ 95%, Operating: 15% ~ 95% 
  • Atmospheric Pressure: Storage 50 ~ 107.4 Kpa, Operating: 70 ~ 106 Kpa
Product Specifications
  • Batteries: 2x AAA Batteries (not included)
  • Accessories: Lanyard, User Manual
  • Product Size: 57 x 30 x 31 mm
  • Net Weight : 28g

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