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BabyWombWorldDigital Baby Weighing Scale


Retail: R1,000

The BabyWombWorld Baby Scale is designed with babies in mind. Able to weigh children up to 20kg in size, this scale has a fine graduation of 10 grams (which is what is needed for accuracy when weighing babies, and the reason why a normal adult bathroom scale is not accurate). The scale has a concave surface for baby to lie down on comfortably. Non-slip pads helps to prevent falls and accidents. The scale is battery powered and can be used on any flat surface. The backlit LCD screen display makes it easy to read, with a button switching the measuring unit between kilograms or pounds. The scale has a tare feature, enabling you to put a soft blanket under baby and still get an accurate weight.

A baby scale will be especially useful for parents whose babies need special weight monitoring. This includes babies with feeding difficulties, babies who are struggling to maintain weight gain, premature babies and babies with certain medical conditions. These parents can save many trips to a clinic or doctor’s office. Of course it is nice to see your baby growing and many parents may choose to weigh baby simply for this reason. It is important to remember that there are many factors influencing weight gain, and you should not attempt to decipher baby’s growth patterns on your own, especially if you are weighing baby for medical reasons. Speak to your healthcare professional for advice and guidance on this matter.

Product Features
  • Fine graduation of 10 grams
  • Convenient
  • Max weight capacity: 20kg
  • Dimensions: 55(L) x 33(D) x 3.5(H) cm
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