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High Quality
TSA Lock

Luggage Glove

Diamond Protective Cover with TSA Lock Strap

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Retail: R800

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This deal expired on 2020-12-04.

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Our top-of-the-range Diamond design utilises specialised 3D fabric for enhanced protection and rigidity. 

Petty Theft 

Besides the issue of your belongings being stolen, have you considered the terrible situation you might find yourself in when someone puts something in your luggage? Prevent this unwarranted invasion of your privacy and invest in a Luggage Glove!

Luggage Damage

Rather than damage your suitcase, let the Luggage Glove take these knocks and pains. Furthermore, from an environmental perspective, wrapping your luggage with plastic for security and protection can hugely lower the impact of single-use plastic in our lives. If we can live without a drinking straw, surely we can do without plastic wrapping?


There are few things more irritating than arriving at your destination only to find you have picked up the wrong suitcase or someone else has mistakenly taken yours. The environmentally insensitive practice of wrapping one’s luggage in plastic also makes almost all luggage look the same. It is quite common to be in a rush to get out of an airport which makes the mistake of taking the wrong luggage so much easier to complete. With different trims and a rubber label to make your name easily visible, the Luggage Glove is easily identifiable to our travel-savvy customers.

TSA Inspection

Our Luggage Gloves are supplied with a TSA lock in place to allow inspection of your luggage without damage to your Luggage Glove. Our new 2019 Diamond model now also includes an “indicator” button on your lock that shows when the TSA have used their tools to inspect your luggage. This is simply reset when you retrieve it and open your lock.

Product Features
  • Bigger, smaller and unusual sizes are accommodated
  • Built-in 3-dial TSA combination lock with adjustable strap
  • Slits for trolley handle, wheels and side carry handles
  • Specialised 3D-Mesh fabric 
  • Additional padding to protect your case during travel.
  • Bottom velcro flap
  • Name Tag space
  • Instruction manuals
Size Guide

Cabin (55m)
The 55cm is for bags that are carry-on compliant.

Small (60cm)
Is for bags that are perfect for the short trip, or the weekend away

Medium (67cm)
The 67cm is for bags that are typically used for 2 weeks travel and will comfortably hold about 15kg before your expander is needed.

Large (76cm)
The largest 76cm is bags that are for your longer/family trips holding up to 23kg with extra volume using he expander on offer if needed.

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