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WeberChimney Starter with 2kg Briquettes and Fire Lighter Cubes


Retail: R630

Relax while you’re firing up the braai for this special night. With the rapid-fire chimney starter set you have everything that you need in order to get the braai started. Fill the chimney starter with briquettes and soon after you’ll hear the mesmerizing crackling that means a great meal is only moments away. It’s time to get barbecuing!

Product Features
  • Light your briquettes quickly, safely, and easily with the must-have kit that contains the three most crucial components to start a charcoal fire – the spark, the fuel, and the container
  • The Rapidfire Chimney Starter Set includes not only a double-handled, aluminized steel chimney starter but also a bag of charcoal briquettes to fill your chimney starter and three lighter cubes to get your fire burning quick
  • The Rapidfire Chimney Starter Set truly is the fastest, easiest way to get cooking with charcoal
  • Simply place 2-3 lit lighter cubes under your chimney starter and you’re well on your way to ash-less, environmentally safe charcoal barbecuing that’s completely lighter fluid free
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