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Low Carb Living for Families

In Low carb Living for Families, Monique le Roux Forslund answers all these questions and explains why reducing the carbohydrates and simultaneously increasing the consumption of natural, healthy fats is good for you and your family. She also cuts through the jungle of products and information that confront us in the media and on shelves, so that we can find our way to a healthy life of natural foods that will satisfy hunger and banish cravings.

In addition to over 100 delicious and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, special occasions, and snack time for the whole family (including babies!), Low-carb Living for Families provides easy-to-follow, practical tips and inspiration for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Forewords to the book have been written by Professor Tim Noakes and Dr Andreas Eenfeldt. Professor Noakes needs no introduction to South Africans; he is SA’s foremost sports scientist and is well known for his advocacy of a low carb high fat lifestyle.

Cook Eat Love Grow

Louise Westerhout delights in cooking for her son (as well as her family and friends) and seeing the results of good and wholesome food, as well as happy mealtimes. For her, cooking, eating, and growing is an integral part of the fun of life. This philosophy is reflected in her ideas and recipes for meals for babies upwards of four months, as well as dishes suitable for the whole family. There is an emphasis on organic food and most of the 70-odd recipes are wheat- and sugar-free with many dairy-, egg- and gluten-free options as well. You will find new options and healthy combinations, using simple and inexpensive ingredients. The text encourages parents without being prescriptive, yet it is simple and practical to eliminate guesswork when it comes to feeding babies and children.

Fun Foods

Filled with 60 practical, easy-to-make recipes, it aims to get parents and children involved in the preparation of meals, while promoting a healthy approach to eating.


Kostalgie is a nostalgic journey of Barbara Joubert’s travels through the world, country by country. It all starts in the Karoo where she was born. Memories and recipes from her childhood days combine for a glance back in time, updated with a modern twist. In Paris, France she discovered that French cooking is home food – like beef cheeks cooked in red wine. Portugal is the nation of seafood and pork. Joubert lived in London for 9 months and pub food was her introduction to British cuisine and Italian homemade pasta and ricotta cheesecake was a must to make. Turkey is one of the featured countries in the book. Although Joubert has never actually been there, she was inspired by a restaurant called Anatoli and felt she had to add that to the book. Africa’s wonderful spicy dishes bring the book to a close. The photography by Micky Hoyle is beautifully illustrative of the amazing produce and cultures throughout the book. So much so you feel you can almost taste the mouth-watering dishes brought to life by his stunning visuals.

Food for Your Brood

For cook Sam Gates, the best meals are those shared with the people we love, when the humblest ingredients, casually gathered, seem to magically turn into fine feasts. Written with refreshing honesty and humour, Food for Your Brood throws out formality in favour of relaxed and vibrant meals to share with the special people in your life. Whether you need a rocket under your everyday menu, or posh nosh for high days and holidays, this cookbook is packed with Sam’s practical, innovative (and ruthlessly tested!) recipes that jump off the page, grab you by the hand and steer you at high speed towards the kitchen. Gather your brood together and get cooking, sharing memories and laughter over plenty of good things to eat.

Healthy Food For A Healthy Baby - 6-18 Months

As a parent and a teacher, Monique le Roux Forslund has first-hand experience of the effect food has on children. She has seen how sugar and other fast-acting carbohydrates can cause them to become over-active and struggle with concentration. In Healthy Food for A Healthy Baby, she shows you how to give your baby a healthy and nourishing start to life.
In addition to the more than 100 easy recipes appropriate for babies aged six to 18 months, there are tips about naturally good food to ensure that your child maintains all-round good health. Although this is not a ‘low carb high fat’ recipe book, the recipes do not include wheat fl our and sugar.

Supper Club

The Supper Club is a collection of easy-to-follow recipes for every occasion. The author, Phillippa Cheifitz, and a group of her friends get together for a supper once a month. The venue, host and menu change on a monthly basis and the menu is matched to the season or particular occasion. This is the inspiration for the book: preparing a well-cooked and delicious meal for friends to gather around the table and reconnect.

With 16 chapters and 90 recipes, there is truly something for everyone. The recipes range from basics such as Lemon olives and Feta and phyllo appetisers to Crumbled lamb pie, Lemon-poached fish with fennel and drinks such as Frozen strawberry margaritas and White sangria to delicious desserts such as Warm ricotta cheesecake and hot cherry sauce and Crisp apple wontons with apple sorbet.

Handmade Gifts From The Kitchen - More Than 100 Culinary Inspired Presents To Make And Bake

Indulgent fudge, warming liqueurs, spicy chutneys, sweet and crumbly homemade biscuits … the list goes on. A jar of your favourite preserve or a box of homemade truffles is a delightful way to say thank you to someone special, or for Christmas or birthdays, or indeed for any celebration whatever time of the year. Full of love and originality, the recipes are a pleasure to create and wrap as well as to give. Each recipe has a guide for how long it takes to prepare and make, and the introduction to each offers ideas on how to use it or adapt it for any occasion. There is a myriad of ideas for wrapping the gifts in a stunning and stylish way, so that every gift is unique.

Bak met Josh

Bak met Josh spruit uit die suksesvolle Kook met Josh, waarvan meer as 10 000 kopiee in Afrikaans en Engels verkoop het sedert die bekendstelling in 2012. Bak met Josh bevat Josh se gunstelingbakresepte en is in ses hoofstukke verdeel: Groot koeke; Kolwyntjies en muffins; Koekies, plaatgebak en ander happies; Brood; Terte, pasteie en Oondgebak. Elke hoofstuk bevat pragtige kosfotografie, Josh se eie illustrasies en stap-vir-stap strokiesprente.

Terwyl die kleingoed wag vir hul heerlike lekkernye om klaar te bak, kan hulle ook die prettige speletjies en aktiwiteite in Bak met Josh, soos verbind-die-kolletjies, woordspeletjies, blokkiesraaisels en inkleur, geniet. Josh sluit ook ’n kleurvolle bladsy met prettige feite en bakwenke in. Bak met Josh bevat meer as 40 resepte wat wissel van gunstelinge soos wortelkoek en piesangbrood, tot nuwe, interessante resepte soos die Miljoener-in-wording sjokoladekoek, Horing-kolwyntjies en Sjokolade-lawa-koekies. Bak met Josh sal jonk en oud inspireer om heerlike gebak vir die hele gesin te maak. Selfs Gordon Ramsey het opgemerk: ‘Josh is besonder talentvol in die kombuis en boonop so jonk! Hy is voorwaar ’n inspirasie vir ander kinders wat graag wil kosmaak. Sterkte!’

Giving Back Childhood

In Giving Back Childhood, celebrities from the world of sport, music, media, academia, business, politics, literature, food, and entertainment, as well as unsung heroes at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, share some of their own personal memories of food and childhood, as well as the recipes that are the on-going connection to those memories.

To mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, this book of memories and recipes offers you the opportunity to contribute to the outstanding and life-saving medical treatment that the Hospital provides on a daily basis to the children of Southern Africa and many other countries on the African continent.Without the generosity of donors and the general public, much of this work would simply not be possible. All children need to dream, they need hope for the future – and for that they need good health. By purchasing this book, you can help to give the young patients of this Hospital their childhood back.


During the screening of the MasterChef South Africa 2013 series, TV viewers were both fascinated by, and impressed with, the Van der Wat sisters. Seline and Leandri’s relationship and their varying cooking styles and personalities kept audiences on the edge of their seats right up until the final episode as they were ultimately placed second and third – no mean achievement.

Since then, their foodie careers have taken off, albeit in differing directions. But in Two, they are back in collaboration to present a fascinating cookbook concept: taking the same main ingredient and creating two different dishes from it or taking a classic recipe and making one for family and casual dining, and the other version to impress for serious entertaining. Whatever the case, both dishes will be utterly delicious.

500 Green and Detox Juices

Very effective at boosting health, and a great substitute for a sugar-loaded snack, juices can have a fast and positive impact on vitality and mood. As fresh produce retains most of its vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and plant chemicals that are usually killed off by heat in cooking processes, juicing is a great way to absorb nutrients, helping to protect against cardiovascular problems and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Juicing also fights food intolerances, removing wheat and dairy products from the system and does wonders for bloated stomachs. Children especially will enjoy the bright colours and fresh tastes and will never know there are vegetables hidden among their favourite fruits.

Something’s Cooking

"My food philosophy is simple: begin with love … this book takes you on a journey of the food I grew up with – the food I simply cannot go without. I hope that it inspires home cooks and chefs and reminds us all that nothing is more important than doing what you love and doing it with passion." – J’Something

His spicy authentic Portuguese heritage and hearty homegrown South African food has become his trademark. This book provides a fascinating insight into the musician and soul foodie’s guarded private life with never released before recipes from his restaurant and national hit television program, Something’s Cooking." -Publisher

Portugal born Joao Da Fonseca, a.k.a. J’Something, is known to millions of fans for his award-winning hits as the lead singer and songwriter of South African band Mi Casa. J’Something has won multiple awards with Mi Casa, including 8 number 1 singles and 5 SAMA awards. They have hosted countless sold-out shows in 31 African countries as well as in Portugal, UK, Netherlands, Italy, and Canada.

In 2014 his passion for food and drink came to the fore culminating in two shows; Something’s Food & Drink and What’s for Dinner that reached over 18 000 000 viewers across South Africa in two years.

Currently, together with David Higgs he hosts and judges the smash-hit My Kitchen Rules South Africa on MNet prime time. When not performing, J’Something can be found at Something’s Cooking by J, his first restaurant. The future is looking sweet for this humble, passionate, talented, and creative mastermind.

The Book Club Cookbook: Eat Your Words

There are few things that compare to an afternoon curled up with a good book. It is even better if it is followed by a great meal shared with good friends. And the cherry on the top is when, at the end of the gathering, you have a fresh stack of books next to your bed to thrill you for the coming month. But probably the greatest scenario of all is when it was you who hosted book club, and everything went smoothly: you did not kill yourself during the preparations for the evening and your guests liked your books and loved your food. I hope this book will help you towards that specific state of bliss.

The idea for this collection of recipes started with the premise that not all readers are necessarily confident cooks. Neither are some social people who want to invite a group of friends or family over for a catch-up or special celebration. This book helps you prepare a great meal for your gathering with a bit of planning and without too much stress. For this reason, the emphasis is on dishes that can be prepared and often completed before the guests arrive.

Just Add Rice - Stories and Recipes by a Taiwanese South African

Just add rice celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Taiwanese South Africans. It will inspire you to try Taiwanese, Chinese and uniquely South African versions of these recipes at home, using local produce and more East Asian ingredients that are available here.

  • Delicious, nutritious food on a budget
  • Comprehensive list of need-to-have pantry items for cooking Taiwanese and Chinese food
  • Ingredients that are available to the South African market, with suggested substitutions
  • Essential information on dining etiquette, customs, and traditions
  • Simple recipes for home cooks.
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