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Battery Operated Blackhead Removal and Acne Vacuum Pore Cleaner


Retail: R500

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Please Note
  • Due to the nature of this product, it cannot be returned unless sealed and in original packaging.


Promote blood circulation while removing dead skin cells and dirt inside pores. Revitalize and rejuvenate the skin. Our acne and blackhead remover is safe, non-toxic and harmless to your skin. The Acne Pore Cleaner deeply and effectively cleanses blackheads, needless oil secretion, and pore blockage.

The wireless design makes it portable and easy to use the Acne Pore Cleaner anywhere and anytime you want. 

The Acne Pore Cleaner comes with 4 interchangeable heads:

Diamond skin peeling:

  • The exfoliating tip provides a non-invasive treatment to rub off top skin layer to remove the dead cells. Makes skin smoother, with a more refined texture, and firmer by stimulating your natural cell renewal.

Big Circular Hole Head:

  • With strong suction, it can remove blackhead effectively, promoting blood and lymphatic circulation, letting the skin rejuvenate again. 
  • Can be applied to blackheads and V face.
  • Using area: Any area on face except around the eyes.

Small Circular Hole Head:

  • Which can be used to remove blackhead at the sensitive area.
  • Using area: Can be used on sensitive area such as the area around the eyes.

Oval Hole Head:

  • Firming skin, removing fine wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity. Suitable for canthus, the corner of the mouth and other areas where easy to have fine lines to prevent the growth of wrinkles.
  • Using area: Can be used on sensitive areas, such as the area around the eyes, the corner of the mouth and also other areas.

Please note: Open up the pores by steaming before using the Acne Pore Cleaner.

Product Features
  • This portable microdermabrasion beauty machine comes with 4 interchangeable tips, with 4 different functions. 
  • It's the first beauty machine that integrates with skin peeling, face tightening, pore cleaning, blackhead, acne extraction, wrinkle removal in the market.
  • Five levels, suitable for different skin
  • Different suction head, different function
  • 2 x AA Batteries needed (Not included) 
  • 6-Month factory warranty

Package includes

  • 1 x Beauty Machine
  • 1 x Diamond Head
  • 1 x Big Hole Head
  • 1 x Small Hole head
  • 1 x Oval Hole Head
  • 1 x User Manual
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