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Luxe HomeAluminum Caffe Moka and Espresso Pot



Retail: R450

Stove-top coffee makers brew coffee by passing boiling water pressurised by steam through ground coffee, giving you restaurant-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home. This Aluminum Caffe Moka and Espresso Pot is a kitchen essential and a coffee-holic must-have! 

Product Features
  • 2-Layer structure
  • Heat-resistant handle and non-drip spout
  • A safety-release valve controls water pressure
  • Gas, ceramic and electric stove-top compatible
  • Ideal to bring along with you when traveling
  • Detaches for easy cleaning after using
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Great gift
  • Can make up to 3 cups of single espresso (150ml), 6 cups of single espresso (300ml) or 8 cups of single espresso (450ml)
Product Specifications 
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity: 150ml, 300ml, 450ml or 600ml
  • Dimensions: 
    • 150ml: 16 x 15 x 9cm
    • 300ml: 20 x 17 x 10cm
    • 450ml: 21 x 18 x 12cm
    • 600ml: 22 x 19 x 15cm
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